Productive Architecture

Case : Co-Living Space, Mumbai  Text by : Ruchita Sarvaiya, Vikram Veeravalli, Nikeita Saraf, Manthan Chandak, Anjali Agarwal, Dipti Bhaindarkar and Sabaa Giradkar Studio Mentors: Dipti Bhaindarkar, Sabaa Giradkar, Malaksingh Gill, Shahveer Irani, Areen Attari, Gauri Satam Duration : 26th August to 11th October 2019 The focus of Semester 5 Design Studio was to develop an… Continue reading Productive Architecture


Design of Long Span Structures

Technology Module, A17 Batch Mentors : Dipti Bhaindarkar | Milind Mahale  Experts : Suhas Chande | Suresh K R | Arun Kale | Gauri Joshi  Blog Post by : Ankit Sharma, Vikram Veeravalli, Nikeita Saraf, Dipti Bhaindarkar  The Semester V Technology Studio for 2019-20 investigated the complexities of the process of building construction and design… Continue reading Design of Long Span Structures

Post Intensive Landscapes – Mining Scapes

College Project | Semester 6 | 2018-19 | Batch A16 Mentor Team : Ravindra Punde, Dipti Bhaindarkar, Sabaa Giradkar, Vastavikta Bhagat Post Intensive Landscapes - Mining Scapes The Sixth Semester college project made enquiries in the contested mining  region of Sonshi, a settlement located in the Pissurlem district of North Goa. The landscapes of resource… Continue reading Post Intensive Landscapes – Mining Scapes