Itinerant, Itineraries

Allied Design 2020-21 Mentor - Dipti Bhaindarkar Participants: Aditya Panchal, Ankit Sharma, Avinash Jain, Bharvi Shetye, Darshan Dedhia, Dishita Galchat, Divya Vaidya, Diwakar Motwani, Divya Vaidya, Foram Shah, Janhavi Shinde, Kshitija Akre, Ninad Thatte, Nikunj Dedhia, Parth Solanki, Priyanka Neve, Rithik Mali, Ruchita Sarvaiya, Sanjana Habde, Vikram, Veeravalli, Yash Bhandari Blog Text by: Veeravali Vikram,… Continue reading Itinerant, Itineraries

Repair and Retrofitting

Semester IX Technology Faculty - Prasad Shetty, Komal Gopwani SEA has been involved in research around Housing Repair and Retrofit for the past three years, where the subject was offered as an elective course for the senior allied design studios. Based on the housing studies at SEA, it is apparent that the housing shortage question… Continue reading Repair and Retrofitting

Environment and Built Form

Interpretive Centre |  Semester 06 – Design Module (Feb-Apr 2020) Studio Mentors : Ravindra Punde, Dipti Bhaindarkar, Sabaa Giradkar, Malaksingh Gill, Faizan Khatri, Abhijit Ekbote, Shrikar Bhave Text by: Veeravalli Vikram, Dipti Bhaindarkar, Faizan Khatri and Shrikar Bhave  The SEA Semester VI Architectural Design project is seen as a culmination of ‘Part-1’ of the Bachelor… Continue reading Environment and Built Form


Orientation Module 2019-20 | A19 Batch Studio Mentors : Prasad Shetty, Tamal Mitra Text by : Tanuja Vartak Edited by: Veeravalli Vikram   The first week of the 'orientation module' was rather disorienting as we had discussions about the ideas of ‘respect’, ‘god’ and ‘religion’ that had been imbibed into our minds. We were trying… Continue reading Unlearning

Rethinking Transportation for an Exploding Metropolis (Andheri)

author: Komal Gopwani   In November 2018, SEA got the opportunity to host the Mumbai Design Charrette of the Van Alen International Council, who over the course of a four-day, deep-dive exploration of Mumbai, were examining the complexity of the city through three distinct dimensions – public space, social connectivity, and transit infrastructure – conceiving… Continue reading Rethinking Transportation for an Exploding Metropolis (Andheri)

Energy management for built forms

Project : Passive Design House Semester III (Batch A18): Technology Studio conductors: Malak Singh Gill, Abhijit Ekbote, Shahveer Irani, Sabaa Giradkar, Dipti Bhaindarkar, Gauri Joshi Text by: Diwakar Motwani Edited by: Veeravalli Vikram, Sabaa Giradkar Today, the world's economic system is based on the principle of exhaustion of natural resources for the purpose of production… Continue reading Energy management for built forms

Winter Electives 2020

Electives at SEA this semester brought in diverse intersections with the design discipline through the varied courses of visual storytelling by Sunil Thakkar, urban ecology by Anand Pendharkar, bamboo weaving by Pratik Dhanmer, appreciation of  Indian classical music by Anita Kulkarni, urban farming by Julius Rego, ethnographic studies by Prajakta Palav Aher, theatre by  Shivani… Continue reading Winter Electives 2020