Technological Sensoriums

Batch: A19 Mentors: Anuj Daga, Dushyant Asher Blog Text : Tanuja Vartak, Neha Dalvi, Aditi Kawade, Yash Mhatre, Tanisi Kammili, Vanshita Purwar, Nishith Parulekar , Aakanksha Shah, Janhavi Naik and Prishita Kulkarni The environment includes natural and non-natural phenomena which shape the rhythms of our lives and second, buildings are able to alter these environments… Continue reading Technological Sensoriums


Typology and Space Syntax module

Batch: A20 Studio Co-ordinators:- Anuj Daga, Dushyant Asher, The Architecture Story (Deepak Jawahar and Justin De Penning), Sagarika Suri. Written By: Sanjeeta Patil Contributions: Vatsal Visharia, Gauri Shinde, Harsh Shah, Sharvin Jangle The main aim of this module was to familiarize the students with the concept of Type and Space Syntax in architecture and equip… Continue reading Typology and Space Syntax module

Identity and Storytelling through Illustrations

Winter Electives 2022 Vertical Studio / Mentor : Sadhana Prasad Written By: Tanuja Vartak The elective course started with introducing oneself with one lie and one truth, without mentioning which one is the truth. One looked deeper into their own selves and associated themselves with a few words that they felt best described themselves. The… Continue reading Identity and Storytelling through Illustrations


Batch: A20, Design and Pattern Studio Co-ordinators: Dushyant Asher, Milind Mahale, Tamal Mitra, Kaushik Mukhopadhyay, Shreyank Khemlapure, Vastavikta Bhagat Blog Post by: Tanushree Bhagwat, Sanjeeta Patil and Harshita Patel The module began with an outdoor study of air plants; majorly Epiphytes and Philodendrons and meticulously survey their botanical and organic features. It intended to study… Continue reading Patterns

Journey from Design to Detail

Course: Systems, Details and Drawings Mentors: Dipti Bhaindarkar, Ravindra Punde, Abhijit Ekbote, Samidha Kowli, Gauri Joshi, Dnyanesh Madgavkar.  Blog Text: Dipti Bhaindarkar, Aakanksha Shah, Aditi Kawade, Dishita Galchat, Neha Dalvi, Tanuja Vartak Darshan Dedhia started with the wadas which were more prominent in Paithan during the earlier times. Courtyards became the space which allowed light and… Continue reading Journey from Design to Detail

Miniature As World – As Method

2021-22 | Allied Studies | Vertical Studio | Dipti Bhaindarkar (Mentor) Participants : Anjan Kudtarkar, Anupreksha Bakliwal, Ashwini Borkar, Atisha Bhuta, Bharvi Shetye, Helee Doshi, Madhura Patil, Manthan Chandak, Nitisha Parakh, Parth Solanki, Pooja Dalal, Prajwal Deshmukh, Rachit Raj Somani, Riddhi Chavan, Rithik Mali, Ronak Soni, Sanjana Habde, Sanskriti Agrawal, Somesh Nadkarni, Yamini Patil Blog… Continue reading Miniature As World – As Method