Deciphering Auroville

Module: Semester V Technology Text by Pranay Kothadia  The town of Auroville is built as an experimental township in Viluppuran district in Tamil Nadu. Founded in 1968 by Mirra Alfasa, the Mother and designed by architect Roger Anger, it is a place where men and women across the countries are able to live in peace… Continue reading Deciphering Auroville


Art’s After Image

Writeup by: Veeravalli Vikram Module conducted by: Sabih Ahmed It is often found that art as a field is subject to constant criticism and considered to be subjective. This course on art history encouraged the students to look beyond the work of art itself and question the way in which it has been and would… Continue reading Art’s After Image

Post Intensive Landscapes – Mining Scapes

College Project | Semester 6 | 2018-19 | Batch A16 Mentor Team : Ravindra Punde, Dipti Bhaindarkar, Sabaa Giradkar, Vastavikta Bhagat Post Intensive Landscapes - Mining Scapes The Sixth Semester college project made enquiries in the contested mining  region of Sonshi, a settlement located in the Pissurlem district of North Goa. The landscapes of resource… Continue reading Post Intensive Landscapes – Mining Scapes