The Ground Scape

Semester 6 | Landscape Module
Studio Mentors: Ravindra Punde, Savita Punde
Blog Text – Dipti Bhaindarkar and Nikeita Saraf 

The semester six landscape module exposed the students to working with the complexities of terrain and programmatic demands of a project.
It broadly focused on the four major objectives, 

  1. To Build an understanding of natural systems
  2. To understand water and land relationships and characteristics 
  3. To understand terrain through reading and interpreting contours, watersheds, ridges and valleys. 
  4. To introduce the idea of landscape design through an urban project

Savita Punde (Landscape architect & Trustee, SEA) through her lecture series introduced the students to various physiological elements of the terrain such as an estuary, backwaters, marshes, lagoons, creeks, salt pans, mangroves, coral reef formations and mudflats. The lecture introduced various ecosystems, their compositions through an example of the state of Kerala where most of these water ecosystems coexist and thrive. Her lecture further spoke about various soils types and river formulations. The studio discussion further questioned how human and man-made interventions have altered the relationship between water and land. Increased instances of unpredictable rainfall, floods, hurricanes have led to a change in vegetation patterns and inter-tidal zones. 

Further, the studio focused on reading and interpreting contour maps and understanding the ground. The students evaluated a set of contours to read the ridges, valleys and watershed formations in the map. Further, the ground was evaluated to understand buildable and non-buildable spaces. With the introduction to sensitive interventions and methodology of mapping, various geographic features were understood, both in its natural forms and how they are and could be represented on a constructed map. 

The studio entered the possibility of developing strategies and details through a design provocation of developing a landscape plan for the school. 

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Project by Adwait Desai, Nikeita Saraf, Veeravalli Vikram, Parth Solanki

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Project by Riddhi Chavan, Jugal Kamalia, Somesh Nadkarni, Nandita Desai


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Project by Ritu Naik, Stuti Shah, Abhishek Nerkar, Sanjana Habde, Manthan Chandak, Madhura Patil, Ronak Soni 

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