Orientation Module 2019-20 | A19 Batch
Studio Mentors : Prasad Shetty, Tamal Mitra
Text by : Tanuja Vartak
Edited by: Veeravalli Vikram


The first week of the ‘orientation module’ was rather disorienting as we had discussions about the ideas of ‘respect’, ‘god’ and ‘religion’ that had been imbibed into our minds. We were trying to defend what we had been taught in our earlier years of studies, at home and school. The discussion invoked a sense among the students that a lot of it was baseless and did not have valid reasoning. One simple example of this was to question and explore the semantics of the word “sir” or “ma’am” and understand its requirements and the implications of its usage. 

We were then introduced to the main project which centred around the theme of “News”. The question – What is news? was explored in five different ways as we were divided into five groups on the basis of our answers. Various aspects of news were discussed such as news as a trap, the fluidity of news,  its multisensory nature etc. The objective was to make a life-sized model/ installation surrounding these particular aspects of news.

Some of the projects were as follows :


Project By – Khushi Bagrecha, Tanuja Vartak, Sakshi Maeen, Riya Israni, Sarah Lukhadia, Siddhant Gupta, Rajvi Shah, Tanisi Kamili

We focused on the aspect of the news that creates a trap. This trap is not only physical but a mental one as well. it is articulated through a network of threads that suspend objects to make them seem as though they are floating in the air, similar to the web of information of news. In order to escape it, one has to retrace their steps.



Project By – Radhika Choksi, Eesha Pethe, Radhika Malekar, Darshan Dedhiya, Pranjal Sancheti, Ansh Vishwakarma, Shreya Mittal, Prajwal Deshmukh

Fluidity is the aspect of mediums by which it flows. The complex network and multiple layers of news are depicted by means of creating a network of strings with layers of cloth suspended from them. By creating this dense network of thick, dark coloured cloths, they create a fluid medium where movement is still restricted. One can navigate through it easily, but passing through it creates a hindrance. The omnipresence of fluid, its ability to take any form which is associated with news, was a highlight here.



Project By – Neha Dalvi, Nishith Parulekar, Rachit Raj Soman, Dishita Galchat, Bhavit Patil, Nikhil Ovhal, Aboli Rithe, Vanshita Purwar

The students of this group looked at how news appeals to different senses. The news was given a form that would spread details about the college. The floor plans of the college were used as a base to create notice boards. The strings connecting these boards would represent the spread of news. It becomes a platform for people in the college to find the latest news about the college itself.



Project By – Prishita Kulkarni, Anupreksha Bakliwal, Sayli Zantye, Shruti Nikam, Aakansha Shah, Yashita Ugavekar, Shriya Parab, Swamini Nagare

The students of this group focused on how news and gossip are symbolic of one another. The symbolism was found through the means of a kaleidoscope. A large dynamic octagon of a wooden frame was made, to which reflecting sheets and gelatin paper were attached on the inside. When a person is inside the frame, they experience reflections that are constantly changing creating an analogy between this and the nature of gossip to never be static, changing its form as it passes from one to another.


Project By – Krisha Kothari, Khushi Surana, Urmi Bhanushali, Yash Mhatre, Jainam Mehta, Aditi Kawade, Avinash Jain, Janhavi Naik

Students focused on how daily news moulds one’s behaviour, way of thinking and body language. This thought was transferred to making a model that involves human activity. When the person passes through the rollers, its movements create the effect of getting moulded. The model is made by reusing materials such as blue drums, old newspapers, pieces of wood etc. 

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